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Who Am I?

Kent and StaceyMy name is Kent Ashley. I was born in Tennessee, but I spent ten of my growing up years overseas in the Solomon Islands (my folks are missionaries). While I was surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific crashing into volcanic mountains of tropical rainforest, I didn't have much opportunity to pursue photography! So I sketched a lot! My family moved back to the U.S (Texas) for a few years when I was about 15 years old. Ever since then I've studied art and photography, either on my own or in the classroom! I got my first job as a photographer doing old-time photos, and not long afterwards, I was given a studio to manage (I was 17 at the time!). I continued growing as a photographer through college where I made the transition to shooting digital (I still have my old 35mm). Thirteen years later, I love what I do even more than I did then!

Ashley Portraits LLC has been a dream of mine since before I moved to Lexington, Kentucky. I did my time in the corporate world (as a banker), but even though I worked for a great company, I was suffocating for a creative outlet! With the encouragement of my family, I started Ashley Portraits on the side while working full time. Praise God, it grew so quickly that two years later (almost to the exact day!) I had to leave banking to take care of my own clients!!! Since then I've been on a continuous journey to hone my skills and serve my clients with excellence. And to top it all off, last year I married the most wonderful woman and my best friend, Stacey! Could life be better!?

Random stuff I like (besides photography) (in random order too)!

Stacey and shoes

I love helping people!

I don't really care if it's photography related (makes me smile if it is though!). I just like to help. I mean, obviously I have to work for a living and I can't afford to give everything away for free, but if I can help, I'm glad to. I always have the phone on me, so if you need anything that I might be able to help with, call and I'll do what I can. Seriously, my clients become my friends too! I wouldn't want it any other way! Talk to you soon!


FINE ART CHARCOAL PORTRAITURE - We are now offering custom fine art charcoal portraits! Check out the charcoal portraiture page under the Services tab for details!
WEDDINGS AT ASBURY - It's a great place to get married (it's where my beautiful bride and I tied the knot!), and now Ashley Portraits is Asbury's preferred wedding photographer partner!