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Welcome to the tour!

A note from Kent:

There are lots of photographers out there. In fact, now days it seems everyone with a half-way decent camera calls themselves a "photographer" at one time or another! What makes Ashley Portraits LLC any different!? Why pick us for your photography needs? What can you expect when working with us? Will you be satisfied with our work? What if you're not!? These are good questions! And this is where you find the answers. Take the tour! Get to know us and what we have to offer you! I'm sure you won't be disappointed (but in the off chance that you are, tell us, and we'll do our best to fix it!). I promise. Talk to you soon! Blessings!

Kent Ashley, Owner and Photographer

Lets Get Started!

Tour ForwardWhether you're looking for family portraits, new photos for a fashion magazine or portfolio, or wedding photography services, the place to start is giving us a call or email (click here for contact info). We love hearing from potential clients (and really anyone in general)! We are all about people, fun, and amazing pics, so we have three rules:

1. Make sure that our clients are happy with our services and products.
2. Create amazing photographic works of art.
3. Help everyone have fun!

The new site just went live on January 14th, 2012! As soon as we get the rest of the Tour the Biz! content created, you'll be able to click on the big blue arrow to see what comes next! Check back soon!


FINE ART CHARCOAL PORTRAITURE - We are now offering custom fine art charcoal portraits! Check out the charcoal portraiture page under the Services tab for details!
WEDDINGS AT ASBURY - It's a great place to get married (it's where my beautiful bride and I tied the knot!), and now Ashley Portraits is Asbury's preferred wedding photographer partner!