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Have you ever wondered what makes an image really work!? What is it that makes it reach out and grab you!? What went into creating it? How did the photographer find the right angle, time the right shot, pick the right light? What makes the image sooth, enrage, awe, or inspire you!? If you've ever wondered these things, you've come to the right place!

ImageWorks! is all about sharing fun, cool facts about photography. It's my blog of sorts.... I like to share tricks and tips from what I've learned over the years. Hopefully what you read in these pages will deepen your appreciation for the art that is photography, teach you a bit about how to use your own camera, give you a heightened understanding of what goes into a good image, and give you a sneak peek into the latest shoots and news at Ashley Portraits LLC!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll do so often as I start adding articles and other fun stuff to follow. Eventually we plan to add a feed that you can subscribe to, but for now check out the menu on the right to see what's new with ImageWorks!

See you soon!

Kent Ashley, Owner and Photographer, Ashley Portraits LLC


FINE ART CHARCOAL PORTRAITURE - We are now offering custom fine art charcoal portraits! Check out the charcoal portraiture page under the Services tab for details!
WEDDINGS AT ASBURY - It's a great place to get married (it's where my beautiful bride and I tied the knot!), and now Ashley Portraits is Asbury's preferred wedding photographer partner!